Thursday, March 9, 2017

You don't love her !!

If  you  yelled at her in a fight, you don't feel like your throat is burnt as you drunk six shots in one glance
"You don't love her"

If by making her crying you don't feel dying 
"You don't love her"

If her smile don't makes your heart quack , lungs shrink  & let you lost in another world all at a moment 
"You don't love her"

Even by hurting her if you want to prove your point 
"You don't love her"

When she says she is busy If it does not let you wait for her all day long 
"You don't love her"

If her naked body is all you wants to love 
"You don't love her"

If her problems let you sleep 
"You don't love her"

If by giving her wings you feel like a prisoner 
"You don't love her"

If her smile is all you want than
Yes man  
                              - komal <3 

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